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Embroidery is beauty captured with thread. Jade’s Design Alterations & Embroidery will create custom embroidery for you. Our seamstresses will create unique and interesting embroidery on almost any piece of clothing you wish.

Embroidery is done both by hand and by machine, depending on the size of the project and the type of material being used. Most wedding gowns and formal wear will require hand embroidering.

Our designer will help you come up with a custom embroidery design for your outfit. We also offer T-shirt embroidery and can produce your ideas onto the T-shirt of your choice. You are welcome to bring your own T-shirt in or we can provide a high quality T-shirt for your embroidery project.

Men’s suits and formal wear can also have tasteful embroidery added to them for a custom look. Embroidery, when done correctly, can lend an air of sophistication and style to an outfit, including men’s wear.

Wedding gowns can also be custom embroidered to give them a unique, one-of-a-kind feel and accentuate the design of the gown. We will work with you to ensure that the embroidery being added is to your specifications. We want your special gown and special day to be perfect.

All embroidery is done at our shop by seamstresses who are experienced with embroidering to ensure that your special project is done correctly. All stitches are tight and will not easily unravel.

We offer our embroidery services to the Topeka, KS area, but also accept orders from out of town. We will create custom embroidery pieces for you from your design or you can choose from one of our many design options.

Pick out an embroidery design and head on over to Jade’s Design Alterations & Embroidery. We will work hard for you to create a unique piece for your wardrobe.

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